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The owners of this project had a goal of bringing dynamics into the design of the building.  In a place where the architecture can seem stagnant, this project could be the catalyst that begins a change in the way buildings visually appeal to the users.


Friends wander into the desert where they find a handful of adventures. The theme of the owners for this project. This hotel hosts an array of interesting building designs.  Playing with shadow lines; creating mystery and a sense of excitement as you walk though from one place to the next.


A beach house design fitting for Hawaii.  Kona Paradise to be exact - Hillside and about  50 yards from undisturbed beach areas.  Very personable and intimate design,  yet opens to fulfill social gatherings.  This place just feels like 'home'.




Vizion Design & Consulting just put out their first edition 2018 Newsletter.  Great read on Architecture, Urban Design, Art, and Design Goals.  Take some time to read this.  Click on the 'Read more' link below

Vizion Design does not claim to be an architect or provide architect services to the public.  We provide support to projects
on a consulting basis and as an independent contractor.
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