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Lighting is one of the most direct ways to create an interesting night -time landscape.  We have learned to use this to our advantage.  The built environment is always engaging us, whether conscious or sub-conscious and can directly affect your mood.  We vote for fun and dynamics, and for a sense of excitement.  

Lighting itself has come a long way.  It's a lot more colorful, way more efficient, and comes in all sorts arrangements ready to light up your world.  Use it!  Our team at Vizion Design can render your project with all the specifications of your lights to get real life data and visual on how your project will look with specified schemes.  How exciting!  No more guessing.  From idea to real life we deliver on consistency.

New construction or Remodel, we approach lighting simultaneously with building envelope design, not as an after thought.  When it's time for your next project, allow us to help make that shine.

Vizion Design does not claim to be an architect or provide architect services to the public.  We provide support to projects
on a consulting basis and as an independent contractor.
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