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Express your space.  Expressions brings about delight.  Our human eyes are attracted and intrigued by visual lines.  In this project, we are expressing the structural system of the home, all while creating delineation between the different function of spaces.  Vaulted ceilings are regulated by designed "human scale" elements to keep the intimacy of the spaces intact.  Once again we use lighting to create a starlit but functional lighting scheme.  These lights dim to create your own indoor ambiance of the night sky.  To the left of this view - stacking doors open the entire wall out to the ocean views, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor.  A superb social gathering space.  As we expose the structural system, we maintain the soft look of wood framing with contrasting post & beam connectors.   The use of wood plank ceilings and wood plank floors create a unifying language throughout the home.

Vizion Design does not claim to be an architect or provide architect services to the public.  We provide support to projects
on a consulting basis and as an independent contractor.
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