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No need to take the fun out of design, even for a chain of public restrooms.  A small footprint, yet can hold up 12 people at once.  Once again, we play with the visual lines of the building to create interest and enhance mood.  There's a theory out there called "The Broken Window" theory.  Basically it studies how people behave in what may be perceived as a run-down building, and shows that someone's  behavior can turn trashy or careless toward the environment that building sits in.  In light of studies like these, we forge to create better buildings for better places.  To create a positive language between buildings and their users.  A better sense of place so that we may protect that environment instead of destroying it.  No idea is ever to small.

Vizion Design does not claim to be an architect or provide architect services to the public.  We provide support to projects
on a consulting basis and as an independent contractor.
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