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Vizion Design does not claim to be an architect or provide architect services to the public.  We provide support to projects
on a consulting basis and as an independent contractor.

In today's age and the right equipment,  we are able to coordinate GPS points anywhere in the world to obtain data and insight for any design anywhere on the planet.  This is a major shift from building designers / architects one generation ago.  This new generation enhances the quality of design by extracting necessary data.  Remember when computers first hit the general market ?  Remember 8 bit ?  Compare that to today's 64 bit interface.  Why guess if you can make solid decision.  At Vizion Design we have the capabilities of analyzing and controlling how much daylight you really want,  the control of heat transfer through walls and roof assemblies for Summer / Winter which is directly coordinated with mechanical or passive systems.  We can study wind and air movement so that you place your fans and registers at optimal locations, ultimately putting less demand on your AC / Heating.  We've even looked at how the different temperatures of various surfaces in a space affects your indoor comfort levels.  Amazing!  There is no doubt, that when someone inhabits a space that we have designed,  you will feel an immediate impact of all the design choices that have been implemented.  Better quality of life in the space you inhabit can be produced.  Contact us for your next project.  All of our analysis is included in the project budget, not added separately.  We believe all projects deserve this design approach.

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