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Vizion Design & Consulting, Inc.


Design matters.  In today's world, any design has to be infinitely good and well thought out.  Construction concepts and materials are changing at a rapid pace.  Many of these changes are responses to the irresponsible building practices and town growth that has led our cities into a bad formula of pollution, unhealthy environments, aggravated road conditions,  and loss of connection and sense of place.  Regaining these are not impossible.  It all begins when a design firm makes the choices to create friendly and comfortable environments for people, and having the vision to foresee the interaction of people and buildings alike throughout a growing town and through the many years to come.  With this in mind, we are a company who designs from beginning to end in a 3-dimensional world.  In real time, we can study and analyze the effects of heat, shade, wind, pollution, accessibility, daylight and run computer simulations for certain points of the day in order to extrapolate data.  We coordinate with the proper engineers, consultants, and contractors for the ultimate design of any project.  Combine this with a solid team background and education in :  Architecture  |  Urban Design & Planning  |  Sustainable Design  |  Design & Build Construction  ;  and you have yourself a powerhouse for designing and implementing the project that you envision.  




Education and Background:   

Architecture and Urban Design with 11 years of commercial and residential projects.  Engages all aspects of design from idea to construction and coordination.  Scott keeps the heart pumping on any project at hand and ensures delivery of your design intent in all phases of the project.



Education and Background:

Architecture and Construction Management with 20 years commercial and residential projects.  David, is the glue that keeps the project together and assures the success of your project.  Well versed in construction methods, his approach is always hands on and in control.  Exactly the kind of person you want leading your project.



Education and Background:

Architecture and Art.

10 + years of artistic talents to bring the vision of a project alive.  Omar brings that personal touch to your project and pushes the job forward with his production abilities and multi-tasking efforts.  Every project is a personal project.



Autumn keeps the wheels in motion.  An outstanding personality with great intuition to assist clients and the team alike.  She comes to us with extensive office management experience and ensures a quality flow within your project.  The wheel works best when all spokes intact.  An asset to our team with the role of many hats.

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